Singapore Travel- Satisfy Yourself With a Wonderful Place and Mouth Watering Foods

There is no denying why most of the travelers consider Singapore for their tours. Well, with their spectacular places and undeniably delicious delicacies. If you would like to taste what this place could offer, then get into your Singapore tours now.

If you are planning for a Singapore holiday, then it would be the best idea that you had thought of. This is for the reason that, Singapore could surely give you many things that you will surely enjoy. Apart from the spots you could get into just like the Zoo and other places, what you should never forget trying out is the other pride of Singapore tourism industry and these are the mouthwatering foods and dishes.

Get Crazy With Singapore Sling –

Singapore Foods & Drinks

Singapore Sling is a cocktail, which is originally invented for the Long Bar in Raffles Hotel in the early 20th century. Its original recipe makes uses of cherry brandy, gin as well as Benedictine, which is the concoctions, though they differ in the other parts of the world. The drink is served shaken in most Singapore bars and even on the onboard flights of the Singapore Airlines.

The Main Thing with Chicken Rice –

Singapore Foods

It is actually a local favorite and has been touted as the national cuisine by most of the food critics. You could even choose any kind of chicken rice, be it served as roasted, barbecued or steamed with the rice cooked in the chicken stock mixed with garlic. You may even consider adding a dash of the chili sauce as well as dark soy sauce. A platter of this chicken rice could surely give you a fine, tasty as well as filling meal.

Get Indulged With Laksa Favorite –

Singapore Foods

Since there are versions of it that one may find in Malaysia, Singapore also has its own version, and got the roots from their Peranakan community. Rice noodles are then cooked into coconut spicy gravy, being sprinkled with bean curd, prawns and chicken. It will surely give you indulgent and rich dish that would surely leave you asking and craving for more.

Be healthy with Fried Carrot Cake –

Singapore Foods

Fried carrot cake is simply considered as a comfort food for most of the Singaporeans. It is definitely a mixture of diced radish as well as egg being tossed in the soy sauce. As a common hawker food, this one is something oily and spicy, yet offers satisfying gastronomic experience for a craving visitor like you.

The unique blend of Indian Rojak –

Singapore Foods

It is loosely used for meaning up a mix of different ingredients. You could find Chinese, Indonesian and Indian Rojaks for your Singapore Travel. It usually refers into a Muslim-Indian cuisine that contains different types of healthy veggies, mixtures of fried dough, bean curds, as well as seafood being served out with the spicy and sweet peanut sauce.

A Taste of The Local Kebabs- Satay –

Singapore Foods Dishes

You may be familiar with kebabs on Mediterranean dishes. Well, you could also find this dish in Singapore tours, in the form of Satay. With such, you could surely get chicken, beef as well as lamb Satays being served with the peanut sauce. Usually, you could find it being served at hotels, as they add it as a good side dish for the fried noodles or the fried rice.

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