Wonderful Malaysian Dishes On Your Malaysia Tours

Malaysia holds the pride in being not only the top most tourists spot in Asia, but also in the delicious cuisines it offers. It is a great place to visit in Asia if you are looking for both international tourist destination and authentic Asian food. So when you are in Malaysia, don’t forget to try those exotic cuisines while experiencing the wonderful Malaysia, a truly asian country.

Malaysia provides a fascinating Asian experience as it is a perfect blend of different Asian cultures and also for there cuisines. Different cultures from all over Asia have come, blended and settled in Malaysia and made it a great place. For someone who wants to have a glimpse of all of Asia, Malaysia is the place to be visited. Malaysia is like a flower vase having different cultures and traditions as it is a flower and this combination makes it a view of a lifetime. And as beautiful as Malaysia looks, it is a food smell and tastes even nicer. So when you are on a tour, always keep on the lookout for these Malaysian delicacies.

Nasi Lemak — Rice is Nice

Malaysian Dishes

Nasi Lemak means “rice in cream” as the dish is based on the rise and coconut cream, which is steam cooked. And the finishing touch is added by throwing it in the pandan leaves, which completes to add a deep flavor. The mixture is then served with sliced cucumber, anchovies, roasted peanuts, boiled eggs and chili based sauced known as the sambal. On food stalls there can be a variety of curry which can be added to have different flavor like beef, chicken and cuttlefish curry. That price may vary according to the curry ordered.

Roti Canai — The Indian Influence

Malaysian Foods

Malaysia is the mixture of many Asian cultures. The next food is Roti Canai, which is mostly influenced by Indian origin. The word Roti Canai is made-up of two different words, Roti which stands for bread in the Malaysian language and Canai means Chennai, which is a region in India and was and formerly known as the Madras. It is flat bread, comparable to Naan, with the fluffy inside, flaky and crispy surfaces. This served as a delicious side for the main dish of fish and beans curry. It is a well in-budget cuisine of Malaysia.

Satay — The Famous Food of Malaysia

Malaysian Dishes & Foods

This food is for all non-vegetarians food lovers. The food Satay consists of the selection of marinated chicken, beef sliced in dices and well-cooked mutton on a barbecue grill. It is actually served with a selection of the peanut sauce, onion slices and rice cakes as well as cucumbers. To maintain it, turmeric spice is used which also gives it a strong yellow color, but other spices can also be used in it. It is one of the most famous cuisines in Malaysia and if you are looking for it, there is no need for you to worry since the dish is widely available in anywhere within the country, so you could surely indulge on it.

Now, at the end, wishing a great farewell for your tour, whenever plan, and enjoy your international tour, and taste the wonderful cuisines during Malaysia tour.