3 Most Exotic International Holiday Destinations

International holidays are a kind of method by which one can rejuvenate themselves and can double their enjoyment with their family and friends. It also gives an opportunity to spend a quality of time with family and friends. A planning vacation not only saves a lot of money, but also saves valuable time.

International Holiday Trip

Tour has become the favorite leisure time for all the people residing in this world. As the world population is increasing day by day, the number of travel lovers is also taking a good move towards the most exotic holiday destinations to spend their vacation with new approach and with some new expectations. The main reason behind choosing international holiday package is so that tourist can reach and explore the distant nation at an affordable price.

Following are the three international destinations which mostly people desires to visit out of India:

I. Thailand  

Thailand Holiday Trip

The ‘Golden Land‘ shows a magnificent view to the tourist by its archaeological sites, sandy beaches, museums, tropical islands, Buddhist’s pilgrimage sites and many more which all together are holding the mystery of the city.

The most exotic tour destination of Thailand, Pataya is well-known for its wide diversity of nature and rich cultural heritage. The North, South and central zone of Pataya are mostly famous among the travelers because of its breathtaking beaches. A trip to the Coral Island can bring lots of fun and enjoyment to one’s life by experiencing water sports, spending time in the wonderful restaurants and beaches.

Phuket is the largest island of Thailand where one can experience a great night life on the shore of the island. Tourist can see as well as experience a variety of tour activities over there like Elephant Trekking, motor biking, ATV tours and many more.

II. Singapore

Singapore International Holidays

The breathtaking view of Singapore always keep magnetizing the tourist towards itself from every nook and corner of the world and give the freedom to enjoy every moment of the tour by your own way. The scenic beauty, delicious cuisine and shopping malls of Singapore are worth watching. The country is also regarded as “Lion City”, that offers a distinctive experience to the travelers from its vibrant ethnic festivals to lively nightlife. The great public transport and fantastic tourism infrastructure of the city makes Singapore a perfect holiday destination.

III. Dubai

Dubai International Tour

One of the seven emirates “Dubai”, holds the best position in this world. The city is a great business hub for the professionals and an ideal tourist spot for the travelers. The sky touching emirates, breathtaking view of beaches and magnificent shopping malls how one can forget. The city is a great example of cleanliness environment which anyone would like to visit once in their lifespan. From the career destination to the holiday destination Dubai has never lost its preference. Dubai travel destinations are not restricted only for the young; kids to the old one can also spend a memorable time in this city.


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