5 Ultimate Shopping hotspots in Dubai

Shopping is the only thing through which people especially women get rid of the tensions and if they get the thing that they want, then it’s a jewel for them. There are many shopping centers located in different corners of the world. Dubai is one of the best shopping center places of the world that attracts a large number of crowds. Dubai is very well known for its tallest, largest, longest structures, so, many people visit this place every year. From traditional to cosmopolitan, it has something for everyone. Gold and Spice markets, Mega-Malls, high end designer brand stores entice the people at a great instant that they do not stop themselves by going there. They purchase different items from different places. Some of the popular shopping centers are given below.

5. Mall of the Emirates

Mall of the Emirates-Dubai

Mall of the Emirates
Source: By IshtiaQ Ahmed revival to Photography on Flickr.com

This opulent shopping center is one of the city’s largest and most beautiful mall. Polished marble floors, spacious avenues and stunning skylight that traverses through the windows make it gracious all over the city. The Mall of the Emirates blusters the best selection of shops with many elegant stores, fantastic accessory stores, cosmetics markets, bookshop, cinemas, art galleries, restaurants, etc. Everything is available under one roof. So, one can enjoy there to the fullest and can do shopping at a large scale.

4. Ibn Battuta Mall

Ibn Battuta Mall-Dubai

Ibn Battuta Mall Gate
Source: By japzky on flickr.com

The Ibn Battuta Mall is located far from the town. It is uniquely designed to revere the travels of the popular Arabic explorer Ibn Battuta. It is a combination of six malls. All the malls have different themes like China, India, Persia, Egypt, Tunisia and Andalucia. There are 275 retailers, 50 restaurants, 21 cinemas and 4,500 parking spaces. It has enough shops that you find in the whole Dubai. This thing makes it special and visited by a large number of tourists. Since it opened, it has been consistently busy. One of the main attractions is the exhibition place of Ibn Battuta. Its stunning architecture amazed the visitors very much.

3. Deira Mall

Deira Mall-Dubai

Deira Mall

Deira Mall is also one of the popular shopping centers in Dubai. It is located within a span of 1,300,000 square feet of area and have 340 shops in it. It consists of four floors of parking with 2000 car parking space. It was the largest mall prior to the foundation of Ibn Battuta Mall, Mall of the Emirates and The Dubai Mall. It has multiplexes, food courts, hotels, kids zone, eatery places, etc. This mall attracts over 20 million visitors in a year from across the globe.

2. Gold Souks

Gold Souks-Dubai

Entrance to Gold Souk in Dubai Mall
Source: By asim choudhri on flickr.com

Gold Souks are the only things for which Dubai was historically famous for. It is a traditional market in Dubai and located in the heart of Dubai’s commercial business district Deira. Around 300 retailers are there that trade exclusively in jewelry. Gold Souk retailers include both the high-level stores like Damas, ARY Jewelery, Shyam Jewelry as well as the smaller ones that operate only in the gold. Approximately, 10 tons of gold are present there at any time. As Dubai has the largest gold market so, many countries trade with it in terms of gold.

1. Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall Indoor

The Dubai Mall is the largest mall in the world in terms of area and is home to all the major fashion brands of the world. It is a part of Burj Khalifa complex and contains around 1200 shops. It contains high as well as mid fashion retail outlets that attracts visitors from across the globe. In short, one can say that all the luxury brands can be found in Dubai only in the Dubai Mall. It is an impressive place that surely makes anyone speechless after visiting that.

So, shopping in Dubai becomes fun now-a-days and more fun when it is done at night as the locals also go out to shop there. Even you do not want to do shopping then, you can enjoy watching the people shopping there. This directly displays that rivaling in the street till late night and hitting the pillow late is one of the best moments of the tour. One has to visit Dubai during the Shopping Festival, i.e. between January – February as the city expand its markets widely.


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