Great Remembrancers to Buy in Morocco Part 2

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Moroccan Tea Set

Drinking the tea in Morocco is a favorite pastime, due to this, market has a variety of silver plated tea sets. It can be found in any major city and surely buy a set of at least four tea glasses. This set will be heavy so, buy it at the end of your journey. In your home, keep it clean on the regular basis only with a silver cloth to remain its shine same as before.

Moroccan Tea Set

Moroccan Tea Set
Image by Isleofhope on

Edible Items

Many edible items are available in the market areas of Morocco. Some of the special and popular items are spices, nuts, herbs, olives and Moroccan sweets. To buy all the edibles, you must keep any local person or a guide who takes you to the right shop to purchase the right item. The items should be approved by the food agency of the country.

Moroccan sweets

Moroccan Sweets
Image by FSCHD on

Belly Dance Costumes

Belly Dance Costume is a perfect concomitant to a Moroccan music CD. It can be purchased from Fna market. You can also purchase a thin belt that is worn around the hip with jeans or can buy the belt with faux coins sewn into it that jingles when you move around. So, purchasing this is really a memoir to everyone visiting this country.

Belly Dance Costumes

Belly Dance Costume
Image by chris5aw on


Leather from tanneries is one of the popular items that can be bought from the Fez. You can also visit the tanneries where leather is treated perfectly and dyed in traditional fashion. You can purchase traditional leather Moroccan slippers, purse or a chic, pure leather jacket, etc. You can also order products according to you in Fez and they will make it.

Leather products in Fes

Leather products in Fes
Image by Michal Osmenda on

Thus, traveling and purchasing the items in Morocco is a lifetime experience and the remembrancers always reminds you of the amazing trip.


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