Honeymoon in Beautiful Vagamon

To feel that love in air, and enjoy the true together being time of the life every newly wedded couple looks forward to the Honeymoon. India is not only famous between its own citizens but is also loomed by foreigners. From top to bottom Mother India is blessed with the beautiful hill stations, exotic landscapes, blissful river sites, abundant flora and fauna, waterfalls and many more romantic destinations. You can select any destination for your honeymoon. Whichever destination you will select, that would be perfect for you to start a new life with your partner.


Landscape view of Vagamon


Lake view of Vagamon, A beautiful place to visit

Be the Lake of Kashmir or sunsets of Kanya kumari. Every bit you travel the nature holds you tightly in its arms just to give you the time you long for. Precious aura, perfectly love filled air and romantic waterfalls is just what Indian Scotland has stored in for you. Exactly, this is what we meant ‘Scotland of India – Vagamon’.


Vagamon landscape (Image by Subin Paul on flickr)

Vagamon, well known for its Tiny Plantations is a cool hill area of Kerala. Scotland is the title given to the place for its ideal soil of tea plantation and the Christian missionaries. Vagamon holds the 50th position on the most attractive places of India. That could be an enough reason to choose the place first for your Honeymoon. Greenery and more of greenery is the main attraction of the place.


Vagamon waterfall

Town has treasured in the beautiful scenic valleys and green paddocks. From the fresh cool breeze, the mists the fogs, the tea gardens every single touch of nature adds to the romantic feel of newlyweds. Enthralling pine forests and the waterfalls of the town combines with the greenery for a remarkable journey. A large variety of flowers and orchids come live in this place, so you always find a way to surprise your beloved.

vagamon pilgrimage site

A Pilgrimage site of Kurisumala hill (Image by gornabanja on flickr)

vagamon thangal para

Thangal para, Vagamon ( religious place of Muslims)

Vagamon is a best place to see a Hindu, Muslim and Christian cultural harmony. Place is nestled within the remarkable hills- Thangal, Murugan and Kurisumala hills adding to the beauty of Vagamon. Trekking, paragliding, rock climbing and mountaineering are some highlights of the area. Kurisumala Ashram, a place from where all the farmers have learnt a better way of living, is also opened for the tourists.

paragliding vagamon

Paragliding in Vagamon

Indian Scotland – a land which refreshes you, welcomes you time and time again to treasure the pleasing beauty of the land. Memories which take you in the green land of Vagamon for some more lovable time filled with lots of peace for the mind and the everlasting delight will make you come again here.

pine forest vagamon

Pine forest, Vagamon (Image by Rajesh P Nayak on Flickr)

To build up a romantic aura, it’s always suggested to reach this beautiful part of Kerala at your own. Roads to Vagamon are cut through the solid rocks of pine forests. These Snaky roads take you to the destination crossing green hills and rolling the plains thousands feet below. That simply makes the journey amazing.

sunset from vagamon

Sunset view form Vagamon

Holding tight hands of your beloved and moving along the narrow, misty and twisty roads with that cool breeze of hills is just perfect for a long walk. Spiritual activities of the land even make you feel so light and pleased in the nature’s arm. Town itself is a best place for the meditation. What all would a couple need?? You have greenery, waterfalls, long walks and meditation. Perfect blend of Romance and peace is what Vagamon adds to your honeymoon.

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Relief from the Scorching Heat– Darjeeling

India is a land of diversity and when it comes to the hill station, India is filled with enormous of choices. One of the most preferred chilly locations to get a relief from scorching heat is Darjeeling. Located in the eastern part of India, in a state named West Bengal, Darjeeling offers the panoramic view of landscapes and snow capped mountains. When in summers, people are burning in heat, all they think of is some place where they can find a relief from the sweltering heat and Darjeeling solves the problem very well.


Darjeeling, India

Darjeeling Himalayan Railway, image by 40011Mauretainia

Darjeeling Himalayan Railway (Image by 40011Mauretainia on Flickr)

Not just the cool weather, Darjeeling has a lot more to offer to its guests. Charming tourism, alluring cultures and pounding array of escapade games will make your Darjeeling tour treasured. Darjeeling is also known worldwide for its Tea Plantation and Darjeeling Himalayan Railway, which is proudly and profoundly a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The tea plantations are very well tracked by different hybrid and fermented techniques and that is why it is recognised and ranked internationally. There are more than 200 tea estates in the whole city, few of which are selected for tourism like Thurbu Tea Estate, Glenburen Tea Estate and Makaibari Tea Estate. The city is surrounded by beautiful snow clad mountains as the world’s third highest peak; Kanchenjunga is clearly visible from the city. If the weather is clear, you can also see Mount Everest from the main city of Darjeeling and that is why it is known as the Queen of Hills.

Darjeeling tea gardens

Darjeeling Tea Garden

It has been reported that Darjeeling is the mostly visited place in the eastern India. More than thousands of international and local tourists visit the place due to its unmatched climatic conditions. The temperature varies from 8 to 15 Degree Celsius throughout the year, making it an optimum place for the people who want to bang the blistering heat in plain areas of the country. You will surely spend your holidays in fun and frolic like you have always imagined.

Sandakphu  The kangchenjunga range (Pallab Seth)

Kangchenjunga Range from Sandakphu ( Image by Pallab Seth on Flickr)

darjeeling Himalayan Bear

Himalayan Bear, Darjeeling

Sandkphu Phalut Trek is the route present in Darjeeling which will give you the view of world renowned Mount Everest and Kanchenjunga very clearly. You can watch the migratory fauna in Darjeeling which migrate to and from Tibet which are teals, ducks, gulls and plovers. You can also visit to Senchal Wildlife Sanctuary which was set in 1915 in Darjeeling. Different flora and fauna residing here are oak, sal and alpine trees and Himalayan black bear, barking deer, assam macaque, wild pig, Himalayan flying squirrel, jungle cat, common rhesus monkey and leopard respectively. The Sanctuary has two senchal lakes; sitting beside them would really be a great and wonderful idea to experience the nature’s beauty.


The tika (in red color) and jamara (green color) used in Dashain.


Elder person of the family putting Tika to the younger one

Darjeeling also has a cultural aspect for the tourists. You can enjoy the colourful festivals like Tika, Dashain, Tihar and Christmas as well. Darjeeling has all to offer to its visitors, be it the quiet and calm holidays, adventurous holidays, culture and heritage, breath taking view and sceneries, lush green tea plantations, exotic flora and fauna for nature lovers and above all a place where you can relax from the blazing heat in any day of the year.

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Plan Your Holidays in Admirable Kerala

Kerala- What is it which this state has not to offer to its visitors? It is one of the peaceful and ultimate travel experiences of India. Located in the South India, Kerala has beautiful beaches, stunning landscapes, amazing weather and exotic flora and fauna. Due to its explicit ecological and edifying features it draws the attention of people throughout the year. Not only the international tourists but also the national or local tourists flock down here to enjoy the amazing landscapes and to have fabulous vacations. Major places which will make your vacation mesmerizing and breathe taking in Kerala are Munnar, Alleppey, Kovalam and Kumarakom. Every city is known for different magic spell on their guests for an ostentatious tourism. The state has provided striking budgeted hotels and all up to date amenities for their visitors from every part of the world to make their stay comfortable and memorable in this God’s own country.

Kovalam town image (Bijukumar KN )

Kovalam Town (Town of Beaches in Kerala) Image by Bijukumar KN on Flickr

Kumarakom Lake Resort (Anoop Negi)

Lake Resort of Kumarakom City (Image by Anoop Negi on Flickr)

The state offers a wide range of options which are the integral parts of Kerala like from landscapes, hill stations, backwaters, art and culture, dance, colourful festivals, heritage, wildlife and ayurvedic treatments and relaxations to select from to be a reason to visit this place. It is obvious for people to select Kerala over any other place due to these reasons only as the place has something or the other for each kind of its visitors. The weather all around the year is also a reason for tourists to visit Kerala throughout the year.


Kerala Houseboat ( Image by nni unni mp on Flickr)

Backwaters are unique characteristics of Kerala which is found nowhere else in the world. It would be much more fun if you take a backwater cruise as you can explore the place much better. Popular backwaters in Kerala are Alleppey, Kumarakom and Kochi etc. The long ride on backwater cruise/luxury houseboat through rich green plantations and lush green gardens make the ride unforgettable.

munnar (img by Rama Raman )

Munnar Tea Gardens (Image by Rama Raman on Flickr)

Munnar is a gorgeous hill station in the Kerala which is located in Western Ghats here. Having such beautiful scenery and splendid landscapes, Munnar is also referred as the “Kashmir of South India”. Windy cool breeze, awesome environment, spice plantations, green coloured tea estates, joyful ambiance, natural spicy aroma, beautiful lakes, luxurious hotels and resorts all these plus points make the surroundings irresistible here. Main attraction points of Munnar are tea plantations, Tata Tea Museum, adventurous sports and assorted flora and fauna.

Cherai Beach, Kochi (Image by Sudheesh S)

Cherai Beach, Kochi (Image by Sudheesh So on Flickr)

St Francis Church, kochi (image by BockoPix by flicr)

St Francis Church, Kochi (Image by BockoPix on flickr)

Kochi is a remarkable city in Kerala. You can say that it is the economical capital of Kerala. Known for astounding historical sites, ancient Portuguese buildings, tranquil backwaters, picturesque beaches and vibrant spice market, Kochi describes the true place for tourism. You can visit St Francis Church, Fort Kochi and Mattancherry Dutch Palace etc.

kerala Kathakali dance(img by Shanmugam)

Kerala Kathakali Dance (Image by Shanmugam on Flickr)

So, visiting Kerala would never be same if you even have already visited the place. Each time you’ll come, you will come across different and new feature that will excite and surprise you on your tour. If you plan your trip before hand, before visiting to Kerala, you would be able to enjoy your vacations to the fullest and will get excellent value of your quality time spend here.

Nest in the Hills of Lonavla

Hill stations are known as places where the atmosphere is placid, natural air surrounds you, cool air enthralls you, weather gives awesome feeling and green vegetation is on par. Lonavla is the right place that has savor of all things. It is located in Pune, Maharashtra, India. This place becomes very active during the monsoon season as the countryside turns lush green with sparkling waterfalls and ponds. The cool air touches the face make anyone stunned for a moment.

View from hills in Lonavla

Lonavla is a popular holiday destination chosen by many people during the monsoon season. It was discovered by Sir Elphinstone in 1871. It is located on the 2,047 ft above the sea level. A large number of people travel to this place throughout the year. Even some people are buying houses at this place so that during the vacation, they stay there comfortably and enjoy the fullest.


Image by rohidas_gaonkar on flickr.com

For avoiding the hustle bustle of the Mumbai city life, many people travel to this place during the weekend. They come here to relax themselves from the traffic and noise polluted environs of Mumbai. People come here to relax not only from Mumbai, but from other parts of the country. Even a large number of foreigners come to this place as Mumbai is the part of their tour, so they visit this place to relax after a hectic schedule of tours.


Chikki by Harsh Alkutkar on flickr.com

Chikki, a candy sweet, is a special item in Lonavla and also famous among the tourists. Major tourist places in Lonavla that are visited most are Rajmachi point, Ryewood Park, Valvan Dam, Lonavla Lake, Duke’s nose, Tiger’s point, Karla Caves, Khandala, Bhaja, Bedsa Caves, Lohagad Fort, Lion’s Point and Tungarli Lake & Dam. All these are fun sites to visit in Lonavla during holidays or honeymoon.

Rajmachi Point

It is also a romantic gateway for honeymooners. Many honeymooners need a place that is away from the buzz of the city and Lonavla is the right place for them. The pleasant climate of the place helps the honeymooners to intimate with each other and enjoy the precious moments of life. Hiking and trekking is also very common in the hilly region so, adventure lovers go there in a large number to do their best. It also offers panoramic views of the Deccan plateau on one side and Konkan coast on the other that varies its beauty to a great extent.


Lonavla by Haley_Dale on flickr.com

Besides the cool climate, eye catching sightseeing, beautiful lakes, many luxurious resorts, hotels, restaurants is located here with modern architecture and all luxurious kind facilities. As it is a small town, so traveling to the nearby places is very simple. One can hire any car, rickshaw, auto, taxis or even bicycles. The best way to explore the surrounded places is through rented bicycles, through this one can take a glimpse view of surrounded hills, lakes, etc. and can able to take photographs to make the trip a memorable one.

Bhushi Dam

Bhushi Dam

Thus, Lonavla is the place having all the things in one place. The climate of this place is same throughout the year so, it is full of visitors all round the year. If you are planning for a trip to Mumbai, then do not miss to visit the Lonavla as it is a haven in Maharashtra and one of the best places in India for hill station holidays.

Munnar: A Green Hilly Area of South India

Spending vacation at a hill station is an amazing idea. Munnar can be the option as it is one of the best hill stations and is prescribed by most of the tourists. Serene atmosphere, cool swing, exquisite wildlife, lush green tea plantations, cozy weather, sparkling waterfalls enthrall anyone to reside for his whole life at this place. It is an ideal honeymoon destination and also a great summer getaway for Indians as well as Foreigners. Due to its location, 1450 meters above the sea level, it becomes a beautiful hill station of Kerala and very popular among the tourists.

The name of Munnar comes from “three rivers” as there is a confluence of the three special rivers namely Madhurapuzha, Nallathanni and Kundaly. Due to the confluence of three rivers, it is named Munnar. Placid environs, picturesque valleys calm the body and mind of any person who wants to dismantle from his daily routine.

munnar hills view

View of Munnar by Krishna Kumar on flickr.com

Tea plantation is the main occupation of this place. Tea museum of this place is the auspicious one as it shows the history behind the tea plantation. Many historical equipments as well as machines are placed there. One room of the museum contains the different types of tea. A person is available there who helps you to distinguish between the varieties of tea. He also gives the demonstration of tea and tell you how to make the best tea.

Munnar Hills

Munnar Hills by Sreejith R on flickr.com

Flora and Fauna of Munnar are also very interesting and attractive. Nilgiri Tahr is one of the keystone species that can be seen there. Many protected areas in the form of wildlife sanctuaries are there to protect the rare or threatened species in a natural form. Eravikulam National Park, Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary, Palani Hills National Park and Anamudi Shola National Park are the famous ones for protecting the wildlife in their natural way. Many threatened species like Grizzled Giant Squirrel, Nilgiri wood pigeon, Gaur, Nilgiri Langur, Sambar and Neelakurinji are the famous ones. Watching the birds is one of the popular activities in these parks.

munnar tea

Munnar Tea Plantation by Shaji Sarasan on flickr.com

Many hotels and lodges are available on the high hills of Munnar which gives a picturesque view of the lush green vegetation and tea plantation across the city. Honeymooners enjoy this place too much as romance flourishes everywhere. Its calm environ and beautiful hills took the couples closer to each other to understand each other well.

For bikers and trekkers, it is just a paradise. There are a large number of Trekking and biking trails. They can engage themselves in casual activities like strolling through the long stretches of tea plantations and meadows. Climbing up the hills is another adventurous activity.

So, in the end, one can say that Munnar is perfect holiday destination for honeymooners, families, kids and youngsters.

Take a Relaxing Breath at Gulmarg During Summer

Is the soaring heat hindering your daily work and the uncontrollable sweat making you irritate abruptly? Is it true, you are looking for a peaceful destination to escape from this burning temperature? Then why don’t you take a break and plan for a summer holiday in Gulmarg. The top hill stations of India has a distinct charm and they are always proved to be the best retreat for the holiday lovers, especially when summer becomes more frustrating; among them Gulmarg is the one. The survival of this snow-capped peak, forested hills and pine covered slopes, you can discover in the Baramula district of Jammu and Kashmir.

Gulmarg Hill Station

Srinagar is the best alternative as a starting point to get to Gulmarg as it takes hardly 1 hr 30 minutes by road. Though tourists flock towards this legendary natural beauty to get some relaxation from the soaring city heat, but if one wishes, they can also make the vacation more exciting and memorable by approaching towards its spellbinding scenic attractions and adventurous activities.

On the Way to Gulmarg

Skiing is the most popular activity, which is best practiced with a professional guide. The gentle and easy slopes of the site not only make skiing is easier for you, but also for your kids as well. But for those only who take skiing practice seriously. How you can forget to enjoy 2 km long ride cable car or Gondola whenever at Gulmarg. This is the second highest cable car in the world that gives pretty amazing views of the surrounding by taking you over the pine forests.

Gulmarg Skiing Activity

Make your camera ready to take some amazing snaps of Alpather Lake. 13 km trek you need to cover from Gulmarg via Khilanmarg to reach this wonderful lake. As the winter comes, the lake becomes frozen and it remains in the same state until June and while summer arrives, the floating pieces of ice create a picturesque sight. Horse riding around the nearby area of the lake could be an amazing experience for you. During summer, the melting snow flows down from Apharwat Peak to Alpather Lake and arise at Ningle Nallah brook, which finally meets the most beautiful Jhelum River; this view will surely make your holiday a memorable one.

So, afford to spend some great time in this blissful holiday destination of Kashmir and experience a true sense of living amidst the snow-clad mountains of Gulmarg. Enquire Now Button

Enjoy a Snowy Holiday in Shimla

It will be very hard to find out a person who does not would like to visit Shimla in winter. The climatic condition becomes very romantic in these days and it makes city a paradise. This most sought after hill station of North India experiences extreme cold climate during winter. In this season temperature goes down up to -4°C to -7°C which leads to heavy snowfall. Millions of tourists excitedly wait for snowfall in Shimla to enjoy a holiday in the world of heaven. To enjoy such a snowy holiday in Shimla, you need to come over here in the month of December and January. Coming in these months you can make your excitement double by celebrating Christmas and also the New Year Evening.

Shimla Holidays

Snow Covered Road, Shimla

You may experience snow covered roads in your journey to Shimla, which may make a bit difficult to go through, but believe it, it will be a unique experience of your entire life. In this time adventurous activities like skiing and ice-skating gets energize and invites the sports lovers to enjoy their vacation on the snow capped peaks in fullest. Kufri, Mashobra and Narkanda are a few snowy capped areas where these icing activities are best experienced.

Shimla Attraction

Lord Hanuman at Jakhu Hill, Shimla

Jakhu Hill, the highest peak in the city shows a panoramic view during winter. The top of the hill is the home of Lord Hanuman. Therefore, a flow of Hindu devotees always can be seen towards this temple. The way to this temple is surrounded by huge trees, valleys and some playful monkeys, which give a spellbinding view of the place. Mountain climbing is the only option to reach the place.

Skiing in Shimla

Narkanda, Shimla – Best for Skiing

The region of Narkanda is not just for Skiing, there is something more than it. If you are guessing dense forest, undulating mountains, natural beauty and apple orchards then you are right; all of these you can expect to see in Narkanda. Accross the place the beautiful Tannu Jubbar Lake is continuously flowing; reach the place to boost up your excitement of journey.

Enjoy Snowy Shimla

Snow Fall in Shimla

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