Plan Your Holidays in Admirable Kerala

Kerala- What is it which this state has not to offer to its visitors? It is one of the peaceful and ultimate travel experiences of India. Located in the South India, Kerala has beautiful beaches, stunning landscapes, amazing weather and exotic flora and fauna. Due to its explicit ecological and edifying features it draws the attention of people throughout the year. Not only the international tourists but also the national or local tourists flock down here to enjoy the amazing landscapes and to have fabulous vacations. Major places which will make your vacation mesmerizing and breathe taking in Kerala are Munnar, Alleppey, Kovalam and Kumarakom. Every city is known for different magic spell on their guests for an ostentatious tourism. The state has provided striking budgeted hotels and all up to date amenities for their visitors from every part of the world to make their stay comfortable and memorable in this God’s own country.

Kovalam town image (Bijukumar KN )

Kovalam Town (Town of Beaches in Kerala) Image by Bijukumar KN on Flickr

Kumarakom Lake Resort (Anoop Negi)

Lake Resort of Kumarakom City (Image by Anoop Negi on Flickr)

The state offers a wide range of options which are the integral parts of Kerala like from landscapes, hill stations, backwaters, art and culture, dance, colourful festivals, heritage, wildlife and ayurvedic treatments and relaxations to select from to be a reason to visit this place. It is obvious for people to select Kerala over any other place due to these reasons only as the place has something or the other for each kind of its visitors. The weather all around the year is also a reason for tourists to visit Kerala throughout the year.


Kerala Houseboat ( Image by nni unni mp on Flickr)

Backwaters are unique characteristics of Kerala which is found nowhere else in the world. It would be much more fun if you take a backwater cruise as you can explore the place much better. Popular backwaters in Kerala are Alleppey, Kumarakom and Kochi etc. The long ride on backwater cruise/luxury houseboat through rich green plantations and lush green gardens make the ride unforgettable.

munnar (img by Rama Raman )

Munnar Tea Gardens (Image by Rama Raman on Flickr)

Munnar is a gorgeous hill station in the Kerala which is located in Western Ghats here. Having such beautiful scenery and splendid landscapes, Munnar is also referred as the “Kashmir of South India”. Windy cool breeze, awesome environment, spice plantations, green coloured tea estates, joyful ambiance, natural spicy aroma, beautiful lakes, luxurious hotels and resorts all these plus points make the surroundings irresistible here. Main attraction points of Munnar are tea plantations, Tata Tea Museum, adventurous sports and assorted flora and fauna.

Cherai Beach, Kochi (Image by Sudheesh S)

Cherai Beach, Kochi (Image by Sudheesh So on Flickr)

St Francis Church, kochi (image by BockoPix by flicr)

St Francis Church, Kochi (Image by BockoPix on flickr)

Kochi is a remarkable city in Kerala. You can say that it is the economical capital of Kerala. Known for astounding historical sites, ancient Portuguese buildings, tranquil backwaters, picturesque beaches and vibrant spice market, Kochi describes the true place for tourism. You can visit St Francis Church, Fort Kochi and Mattancherry Dutch Palace etc.

kerala Kathakali dance(img by Shanmugam)

Kerala Kathakali Dance (Image by Shanmugam on Flickr)

So, visiting Kerala would never be same if you even have already visited the place. Each time you’ll come, you will come across different and new feature that will excite and surprise you on your tour. If you plan your trip before hand, before visiting to Kerala, you would be able to enjoy your vacations to the fullest and will get excellent value of your quality time spend here.