Great Remembrancers to Buy in Morocco Part 1

Morocco, one of the most westerly located North African countries is popular for holiday among the globe trotters. It is an amalgam of many cities. All the cities together make a unique country known as Morocco. From the whirling souks and grand palaces to the extensive space and confinement of the legendary Sahara Desert offers an unsurpassed experience. Besides this, shopping is another extravaganza for the visitors that make the trip memorable. Variety of shopping materials like crafts, arts, antiques, clothes, carpets, etc. available in different areas of the country that tempts the travelers to head home with an extra suitcase. For this, one must have knowledge of what to buy and from where to buy. Below are some of the famous items that you can buy as token of your trip in Morocco.


Morocco is popular for its carpets. There are mainly two types of carpets here namely the Urban and Berber type carpets. Urban carpets are probably the common one made in and around the capital city of Rabat. These carpets are famous all across the globe. Thick pile weave, intricate borders, etc. often decorate around it carefully with geometric designs. To buy urban carpets, two best cities are Rabat and Fez.

Carpet Souk in Fes

Carpet Souk in Fez
Image by nickehle on

On the other hand, Berber carpets are made in rural areas of the country. It is available in various designs as each tribe and region has its own style. For women, it has been an occupation for a long time. These carpets are thinner than urban carpets. They also make beautiful wall hangings. They are available throughout Morocco but the best place to but them is in Marrakesh city. Marrakesh is an important city to go to while visiting Morocco for tourism. The benefit of this occupation is that a larger portion of the profits goes directly to the workers.

Berber Carpet

Berber Carpet Design
Image by pietroizzo on

Inlaid Wood

Essaouira is one of the best places to buy this wood and its products. The wood and wood product can be found throughout the country but purchasing through the Essaouira is the best one. Antiques made from this wood include wooden boxes, vases, chess sets and many more. You can purchase the gorgeous tabletops and other furniture items.

Inlaid Wood

Inlaid Wood Products in wood souks
Image by Sigrid and Alex on

Silver jewelry

Morocco is popular for its best silver jewelry located in and around Southern Morocco. Tiznit is also a place of the country from where one can buy the best silver jewelry. It has dozens of shops that are dedicated to jewelry. From simple earrings with natural stone to complex Berber tribal jewelry sets. Bracelets, bangles, rings, etc. can be purchased from there.

Silver jewelry

Silver Bracelets & Bangles
Image by ALSPICT on


Fez is also popular for the traditional pottery services. Plates, bowls, serving dishes and cups are all there that designed elegantly. Buy the pottery item but before it check surely that you should carry it home with a great care. Potteries are cheaper in an outdoor shop rather than in an indoor tourist shop.


Safi Pottery District Morocco
Image by JoaoleitaoTRAVEL on

Stay tuned for the next post in our two-post series of Great Remembrancers to Buy in Morocco.


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