Top Tourist Destinations in Romania

Romania, the eighth largest country of the European Union has many travel destinations. Destinations having unique surroundings, enchanting monasteries, friendly people, cool climate, vast history, etc. make it a best city in the whole Europe. Most of the time it’s recommended as a “Latin Island in a Slav Sea”. Many tourist attractions are there that are unique all across the globe.

10. Morii Lake

It is the largest lake in Bucharest having an area of 246 hectares approximately. Built along a dam 15 m high and a total length of 7 km. This lake captivates the crowd with a large number. It was made in 1986, mainly to protect the city against the floods as it occurs many times across the city. On the north side of the lake, an island is situated named Morii Lake Island. It is the only island in Bucharest. Many music concerts are available there. This lake is used as a recreation site by visitors. Boat-rides, water-sports, contests, music festivals and other concerts organized there. Windsurf and water-ski are the most popular water sports on the lake.

Windsurfers in Morri Lake

Windsurfers in Morri Lake
Source: Dreams Become Reality on flickr

9. Tampa Mountain

Tampa Mountain is the most famous place of Brasov, Romania. Due to its height, one can see it from the every corner of the city. Most of the part of the mountain is made up of limestone and looks like risen up gradually from the Earth’s crust. Its most of the part is declared a nature reserve as many rare species of plants and animals found there. The cable car facility is available to make the journey from the restaurant CASA Padurarului located at the base of the mountain to the Restaurantul Panoramic located at its crest. The summit of the mountain offers you the spectacular view of the city and also the entire Burzenland is visible from there.

Tampa Mountain

Tampa Mountain from Brasov old town
Source: arthistory390 on flickr

8. Statue of Decebalus

A 40-m high statue of the Dacian King Decebalus is the tallest rock sculpture in the whole Europe. It is located near the city of Orsova, Romania on the Danube’s rocky bank. This huge statue took ten years from 1994 to 2004 to complete. Twelve sculptors designed it beautifully. Below the sculpture of Decebalus, a Latin inscription is written over there which reads like a quote “DECEBALUS REX – DRAGAN FECIT” means “King Decebal—Made by Dragan”.

Statue of Decebalus

Statue of Decebalus
Source: Austin Donisan on flickr

7. Sinaia Monastery

As the name suggests, this monastery is located in Sinaia, Romania. It was named after the great Mount Sinai and situated in the Prahova Valley. The location and structure of monastery are very exquisite. It consists of two courtyards and in between them there is a small church. Many monks enchant in these churches. The monastery contains a library in which valuable jewels belonging to the Cantacuzino family, earliest Romanian translation of the Bible are stored in a large number. Gold mosaic paintings in the monastery in a neo-Byzantine style flourish the monasteries beauty.

Sinai Monastery

Sinai Monastery
Source: Aleksander Dragnes on flickr

6. National Museum of Art of Romania

One of the best places on our checklist is the National Museum of Art of Romania. It is located in the central Bucharest, Romania. This museum is pretty cool. Eminent collections of medieval and modern Romanian art are the main features of the museum. In 2005, it organized the exhibition of French paintings and turned out to be the largest French painting exhibition shown in the Whole Europe. The paintings included the masterpieces of painters like Poussin, Ingres, Picasso, Delacroix and Braque.

National Art Museum

National Museum of Art of Romania
Source: Dennis Jarvis on flickr

5. Sphinx

A natural rock formation in the Bucegi Mountains in Romania, located at a height of 2,216 meters is really a unique structure. It was in 1900, when the first photograph of this Great Bucegi Sphinx was taken and only after that it was named in the year 1936. This grotesque structure surely fascinate anyone.

Sphinx in Bucegi Mountains

Sphinx in Bucegi Mountains
Source: Monica Toderic on flickr

4. Scarisoara Cave

Apuseni Mountains of Romania contain one of the biggest caves named Scarisoara Cave. The locals considered it as one of the natural wonders of Romania. It was discovered by Emil Racovita, located at a height of 1165 meters above sea level and 105 m deep and 720 m long. The entrance shaft leads to a large chamber. From this point, three openings are visible, one leads to the church, another one leads to the great Reservation and the last one leads to the Coman Gallery. This ice cave was formed about 3500 years ago but nobody knows the exact date when it was discovered. The temperature inside the cave is up to +1 degree Celsius in the summer and down to -7 degree Celsius in the winter.

Scarisoara Cave

Scarisoara Cave
Source: nuqnaij on flickr

3. Dimitrie Gusti National Village Museum

The famous Village Museum is located in Bucharest, Romania. It is an open-air ethnographic museum boasting traditional Romanian village life. It is large enough as extending to over 100,000 square meters and contains 272 credible peasant farms and houses from all over Romania.

National Village Museum

National Village Museum
Source: Codrin Bucur on flickr

2. Sala Palatului

Sala Palatului, also known as The Palace Hall, located in Bucharest, Romania. Basically, it is just a conference hall situated behind the National Museum of Art of Romania. From olden times, it has been the site of conferences. Its main hall has the capacity to hold 4,060 spectators. Many festive events held there. Eight small conference rooms are there for small meetings gathering 20-30 people only. It is one of the worth visiting places in the dazzling country of Romania.

Sala Palatului or The Palace Hall

The Palace Hall
Source: Istvan on flickr

1. Bran Castle

In all over Romania, this is the most famous site commonly known as “Dracula’s Castle”. Dracula is the word that haunts every person either they are kids or youngsters. This Bran castle is the home of Dracula located in the vicinity of Brasov. This castle is a national monument in Romania. Many people said that once it was the home of Vlad Tepes Dracula. Now, the castle becomes a museum having the inscriptions and sculptures related to Dracula. A small park showing the exhibition of Romanian culture is located beside it. Many shops are also available having Dracula masks, blood, paintings of Dracula, photos of Dracula, T-shirt having the imprints of Dracula. So it’s really the most exciting place to visit in Romania.

Bran Castle

Bran Castle
Source: Hugo Pelinski on flickr



5 Ultimate Shopping hotspots in Dubai

Shopping is the only thing through which people especially women get rid of the tensions and if they get the thing that they want, then it’s a jewel for them. There are many shopping centers located in different corners of the world. Dubai is one of the best shopping center places of the world that attracts a large number of crowds. Dubai is very well known for its tallest, largest, longest structures, so, many people visit this place every year. From traditional to cosmopolitan, it has something for everyone. Gold and Spice markets, Mega-Malls, high end designer brand stores entice the people at a great instant that they do not stop themselves by going there. They purchase different items from different places. Some of the popular shopping centers are given below.

5. Mall of the Emirates

Mall of the Emirates-Dubai

Mall of the Emirates
Source: By IshtiaQ Ahmed revival to Photography on

This opulent shopping center is one of the city’s largest and most beautiful mall. Polished marble floors, spacious avenues and stunning skylight that traverses through the windows make it gracious all over the city. The Mall of the Emirates blusters the best selection of shops with many elegant stores, fantastic accessory stores, cosmetics markets, bookshop, cinemas, art galleries, restaurants, etc. Everything is available under one roof. So, one can enjoy there to the fullest and can do shopping at a large scale.

4. Ibn Battuta Mall

Ibn Battuta Mall-Dubai

Ibn Battuta Mall Gate
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The Ibn Battuta Mall is located far from the town. It is uniquely designed to revere the travels of the popular Arabic explorer Ibn Battuta. It is a combination of six malls. All the malls have different themes like China, India, Persia, Egypt, Tunisia and Andalucia. There are 275 retailers, 50 restaurants, 21 cinemas and 4,500 parking spaces. It has enough shops that you find in the whole Dubai. This thing makes it special and visited by a large number of tourists. Since it opened, it has been consistently busy. One of the main attractions is the exhibition place of Ibn Battuta. Its stunning architecture amazed the visitors very much.

3. Deira Mall

Deira Mall-Dubai

Deira Mall

Deira Mall is also one of the popular shopping centers in Dubai. It is located within a span of 1,300,000 square feet of area and have 340 shops in it. It consists of four floors of parking with 2000 car parking space. It was the largest mall prior to the foundation of Ibn Battuta Mall, Mall of the Emirates and The Dubai Mall. It has multiplexes, food courts, hotels, kids zone, eatery places, etc. This mall attracts over 20 million visitors in a year from across the globe.

2. Gold Souks

Gold Souks-Dubai

Entrance to Gold Souk in Dubai Mall
Source: By asim choudhri on

Gold Souks are the only things for which Dubai was historically famous for. It is a traditional market in Dubai and located in the heart of Dubai’s commercial business district Deira. Around 300 retailers are there that trade exclusively in jewelry. Gold Souk retailers include both the high-level stores like Damas, ARY Jewelery, Shyam Jewelry as well as the smaller ones that operate only in the gold. Approximately, 10 tons of gold are present there at any time. As Dubai has the largest gold market so, many countries trade with it in terms of gold.

1. Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall Indoor

The Dubai Mall is the largest mall in the world in terms of area and is home to all the major fashion brands of the world. It is a part of Burj Khalifa complex and contains around 1200 shops. It contains high as well as mid fashion retail outlets that attracts visitors from across the globe. In short, one can say that all the luxury brands can be found in Dubai only in the Dubai Mall. It is an impressive place that surely makes anyone speechless after visiting that.

So, shopping in Dubai becomes fun now-a-days and more fun when it is done at night as the locals also go out to shop there. Even you do not want to do shopping then, you can enjoy watching the people shopping there. This directly displays that rivaling in the street till late night and hitting the pillow late is one of the best moments of the tour. One has to visit Dubai during the Shopping Festival, i.e. between January – February as the city expand its markets widely.

Hong Kong for Ultimate Holiday Experience

Let Hong Kong attractions make your holiday more remarkable. So, set Hong Kong as your next tour destination and experience the days at this magnificent city. Hong Kong, the gorgeous city of China has no explanation. Any kind of presentation about the city will be inadequate until or unless one never watches its spellbinding attractions with open-eyes. The great combination of new and old styled eye-catching infrastructure, intoxicating surrounding and the wide-spread exhilarating attractions add more excitement in your Hong Kong holiday. It could be the best holiday destination for those who wish to spend quality of time with their darling, family or friends. Most of the people think that getting a tour package to Hong Kong or go by their own would be very expensive, but by gaining suitable knowledge about it one can also move round the city even at cheap price.

Hong Kong


Here, are some of the biggest attractions of this worldwide famous tourist destination:

Ocean Park

This most famous attraction of the city is located on the South of Hong Kong Island. The park has six main areas to visit such as Marine Land, Lowland Gardens, Kids World, Bird Paradise, Headland Rides and Adventure Land. These captions will give you some splendid ideas about what to do or what should one expect after visiting these areas. The beauty and excitement of this marine life theme park not only attracts the kids, but also its appealing adventurous features even lure the elder one as well.

Victoria Peak

If there is any place from where the panoramic view of the entire city can be captured then it is Victoria Peak. It shows the finest harbor view, which tourists can visit by climbing on this famous vintage point. Visit to Victoria Peak always engaged with savor of its delicious dining options that ranges from casual to classy. These all budgeted palates give the most authentic taste of Chinese cuisines. Reach the place before sundown to watch the varicolored brilliance of city lights.

Ten Thousand Buddha’s Monastery

This most precious monastery is located in Sha Tin New Territories on the hill. The site consists of five beautiful temples, four pavilions and one pagoda. The concrete 430 steps of uphill is very challenging that slowly drives you to this religious place. Gold painted ten thousand Buddha’s statues are beautifully positioned on the entire areas which are unlike from each others.


Come out from the T.V shows and make your dream fulfill, visit Disneyland. Both kids and adults are mostly frequented at this place from all over world to spend some time at this place. Hong Kong holiday package gives you the opportunity to see the inimitable sense of Chinese culture by driving at this incredible place. Accompany of Mickey Mouse and Disney friends will let you feel about this fantastic world of magic. Its delicious Chinese and Asian foods are very famous and those lure many visitors and Disney fans.

Western Market

The four storied red colored Edwardian building serves as a great shopping center for tourists. This is the perfect place for picking up some rare memorabilia during your holidays in Hong Kong. The market is full of souvenir shops and curio sellers. Rare silks and other unique fabrics are also found over here.

Gear Up for Trekking in Bhutan: An Unlimited Travel Experience

Pleasure is a way to live a happy and excitement filled life. It does not matter in which way it comes into one’s life, but it performs a crucial job in making life beautiful. The way to seek pleasure is varied person to person; if someone likes to go for materialistic pleasure, then some hunts to go through the beauty of nature. But gaining happiness from materialistic things does not last for long as compared to the things which are more real and natural. If you like to get everlasting happiness then you must go for expedition such as trekking, rafting, rock climbing and many more.

Bhutan Trekking

Trekking is an enthralling experience that takes you very close to the nature and provides the opportunity to explore more and more places with full of enthusiasm. There are many trekking destinations in the world and among them the unimaginable state Bhutan is the one. The state is specially known for culturally rich and its scenic beauty makes Bhutan a perfect holiday destination for all kinds of tourist. You can choose trekking tour of Bhutan for multi-days or for short days, but it will surely be a fun filled experience for your entire life. Form a skilled trekking group, that will enable you to explore more and more places with full of enjoyment.

Bhutan Mountain Trekking

Trekking routes of Bhutan are very quiet and always crowded with trekkers. The variety of treks ranging from simplest to the toughest invites the travelers to discover each and every route according to their skills. If you are a beginner, then Paro to Thimphu will be the best possible routes for you to trek. Drukgyel Dzong in Paro is the starting point which takes you through the alpine pasture, mixed forests and terraced fields and it becomes end at Phajoding near Thimphu. This route will show you the historical sites of Thimphu, Punakha and Paro where you should pay your attention.

Bhutan Trekking Tour and Holidays

Veteran trekkers will also be able to show their best performance climbing in the world’s toughest Snowman Trek which goes over twelve mountain passes and the interesting thing is that all of them over 4,500 meter. Measure your boldness during Bhutan trekking holidays, climbing in its famous treks like Druk Path Trek, Jhomolhari Trek, Bumthang Cultural and Gangtey Nature and Gasa trek.

If you are very passionate to Climb Bhutan, then plan your tour to Bhutan in the months from April to October with your friends and get an enthralling travel experience.

How to Enjoy International Holiday at Cheap Prices?

Flying to one of the best international holiday destinations is unanimously a dream of both active as well as inactive tourists. But this dream can be fulfill only by some of the people out of a mass. Occurrence is due to unavailability of sufficient amount of budget. Most of the time these budget factors prevent the travelers to move for their desired destinations and deprive to spend their holiday in their dream place. But the question is that how one can enjoy international holiday at cheap price instead of having sufficient budget?

It’s time to fulfill your wishes. Indian holiday package provider companies always play a crucial role to take out your all types of hindrance between you and your dream place. Considering your needs and demand some special holiday packages by MastHoliday which never hit your pocket much so that you can enjoy your holidays fabulously. Combo packages, group tourism and availing seasonal tours are some of the finest options where you can get best deal and can save sufficient amount of money. But be careful in selecting any travel company. A few days survey can help you to find out the best one out of the available and can provide you the best international deal.

3 Most Exotic International Holiday Destinations

International holidays are a kind of method by which one can rejuvenate themselves and can double their enjoyment with their family and friends. It also gives an opportunity to spend a quality of time with family and friends. A planning vacation not only saves a lot of money, but also saves valuable time.

International Holiday Trip

Tour has become the favorite leisure time for all the people residing in this world. As the world population is increasing day by day, the number of travel lovers is also taking a good move towards the most exotic holiday destinations to spend their vacation with new approach and with some new expectations. The main reason behind choosing international holiday package is so that tourist can reach and explore the distant nation at an affordable price.

Following are the three international destinations which mostly people desires to visit out of India:

I. Thailand  

Thailand Holiday Trip

The ‘Golden Land‘ shows a magnificent view to the tourist by its archaeological sites, sandy beaches, museums, tropical islands, Buddhist’s pilgrimage sites and many more which all together are holding the mystery of the city.

The most exotic tour destination of Thailand, Pataya is well-known for its wide diversity of nature and rich cultural heritage. The North, South and central zone of Pataya are mostly famous among the travelers because of its breathtaking beaches. A trip to the Coral Island can bring lots of fun and enjoyment to one’s life by experiencing water sports, spending time in the wonderful restaurants and beaches.

Phuket is the largest island of Thailand where one can experience a great night life on the shore of the island. Tourist can see as well as experience a variety of tour activities over there like Elephant Trekking, motor biking, ATV tours and many more.

II. Singapore

Singapore International Holidays

The breathtaking view of Singapore always keep magnetizing the tourist towards itself from every nook and corner of the world and give the freedom to enjoy every moment of the tour by your own way. The scenic beauty, delicious cuisine and shopping malls of Singapore are worth watching. The country is also regarded as “Lion City”, that offers a distinctive experience to the travelers from its vibrant ethnic festivals to lively nightlife. The great public transport and fantastic tourism infrastructure of the city makes Singapore a perfect holiday destination.

III. Dubai

Dubai International Tour

One of the seven emirates “Dubai”, holds the best position in this world. The city is a great business hub for the professionals and an ideal tourist spot for the travelers. The sky touching emirates, breathtaking view of beaches and magnificent shopping malls how one can forget. The city is a great example of cleanliness environment which anyone would like to visit once in their lifespan. From the career destination to the holiday destination Dubai has never lost its preference. Dubai travel destinations are not restricted only for the young; kids to the old one can also spend a memorable time in this city.

Malaysia: A Perfect Beneficial International Holiday Destination

Spending holidays outside India is a great idea which not only increases your knowledge, but also refreshes your chaotic minds that are developed during your day to day life. Earlier you might have taken some beneficial international holidays package; this time why don’t you take Malaysia as your next destination to spend a splendid holiday in the heart of the beaches and Rainforests. The country is well attached with some other metropolitan countries that include Indonesia, Thailand, Brunei, Vietnam, Singapore and Philippines.

The rich land of diversity of Malaysia has made it one of the sought after destinations among the tourist whether they are local or outsiders. In this land people from all over the county like India, China, Malaysia and others live with accord and harmony. The breathtaking views of some of the beaches like Pangkor, Sipadan and Perhentian of the country always left an unforgettable experience in the mind of the travelers. Therefore, Malaysia is one of the favorite destinations for vacationers as well as the honeymooners. Throughout the year numbers of tourist arrive in Malaysia to explore its wonderful beaches as well as some other attractions of the country.

The crystal blue water of the beaches offers the vacationers lots of adventurous activities which experience can never be diminished. From the skyscrapers to the exotic animals in the beaches drastically enhances the beauty of the country. If you are planning to take a tour for your honeymoon, then Malaysia would result the finest place to spend your most romantic days with your loved one. Its world class accommodation never disappoints the tourist at any cost only then when it comes to enjoy a fine dining experience. The country provides a great option for ladies where they can spare their money in shopping. The Malaysian cuisines are worth tasting which no one would like to miss at any cost.

Malaysia has a lot of attractions to show you which itself represents the country. The view of the unusual aquatic Pulau Payar Marine Park is one of the most surprising parks of Malaysia which shows multicolored tropical Oceanic life and is one of the wonderful places for scuba diving, snorkeling and water sports. A trip to Malacca will surely bring to you a significant feeling about the tradition, inheritance and heritage of Malacca. The capital city of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur will make your tour pleasurable by its outstanding scenic beauty.

Malaysia is a massive country and is dotted with a range of attractions which are not possible to visit within a short period of time. So, whenever you plan for a tour in Malaysia it will be a great help for you if you approach to one of leading travel companies. They are the person who gives the details about the travel destinations about your desired places with its attractions which definitely saves handsome amount of money and time without bothering you. Apart from that if anybody would like to get combined tour package from one place to another according to their need in such case Mastholiday can also help them.